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Meet Kalena

Neomi Rhyne

Kalena Miller grew up in College Station, TX with her mom, dad, and the most photographed hamster in history. After high school, she moved a thousand miles north to attend Carleton College, where she graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Religious Studies. After a brief stint working as a paraeducator in Seattle, Kalena decided she missed school too much, so she spent the next two years pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University.


Kalena currently lives in College Station, Texas where she runs Hyperbole Bookstore with her mom. She writes middle grade and young adult fiction and dabbles with the occasional picture book. She loves books that make her laugh and make her cry, preferably at the same time, and she firmly believes all quality novels should feature a cat.


Meet My Team


Molly believes every accountant should spend a sizable portion of the day sitting on stacks of paper (folders are fine, too)


Toshley's responsibilities include notifying everyone in a three block radius of deliveries ranging from FedEx to Doordash


Friggly's best styling tip? A layer of animal hair (gray is ideal, but white will do) stuck to every piece of clothing you own

My Favorite Books

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